Common hadoop command

Create a directory

hadoop dfs - mkdir / home

Upload file or directory to hdfs

hadoop dfs - put hello / 
hadoop dfs - put hellodir /  /

View catalog

hadoop dfs - LS /

Create an empty file

hadoop dfs - touchz / Wahaha

Delete a file

hadoop dfs - RM / Wahaha

Remove a directory

hadoop dfs - rmr / home


hadoop dfs - mv / hello1 / hello2

View Files

hadoop dfs - cat / hello

All content will be developed under the directory merge into one file, downloaded to the local

hadoop dfs - getmerge / hellodir wa

Use du files and directories size

hadoop dfs - du /

The catalog copy to the local

hadoop dfs - copyToLocal / home localdir

Check dfs case

hadoop dfsadmin - report

View is running a Java program


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