Docker Remote API Commands for Images

In the last post of this series, we discussed Docker Remote API and explored the commands specific to containers. In this post, let’s discuss commands specific to images.

Create an Image

Images can be created in one of the following ways:

  • By performing a registry pull
  • By importing the image
    POST /images/create

Create an Image from a Container

To create an image from the container’s commits, use:

POST /commit

List of Images

To obtain the list of images, use:

GET /images/json

Insert a File

To insert a file at a specific path, use:

POST /images/(name)/insert

Delete Image

To delete an image by name, use:

DELETE /images/(name)

Registry Push

To push an image to the registry, use:

POST /images/(name)/push

Tag Image

To tag an image, use:

POST /images/(name)/tag

Search an Image

To search for an image, use:

GET /images/search


To view an image’s history, use:

GET /images/(name)/history

Build an Image

An image can be built with DockerFile using:

POST /build

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