ipmitool - I lanplus - H address  - U account  - P password fru list

The Linux ipmitool tool can easily in Linux command line with the operation of the server outside. Summarized as follows:

  1. Check the IPMI version

ipmitool - V

  1. Reset ipmi card

ipmitool mc reset cold

  1. Log ipmi console

ipmitool - I lanplus - H IPADDR - U USERNAME - PASSWORD P - e ^ Sol activate

  1. Band reboot

ipmitool - I lanplus - H IPADDR - U USERNAME - PASSWORD power P RESET

  1. The band is set to boot from the next pxe

ipmitool - I lanplus - H IPADDR - U USERNAME - PASSWORD chassis bootdev P pxe

  1. Empty IPMI SEL

ipmitool sel clear

  1. Access to the channel ipmi

for i in { 1. . 14 }; do ipmitool LAN Print $ i 2 > / dev / null | grep - q ^ Set && echo $ i ; DONE

" IPMI command to collect "

All IPMI functions are to BMC sending another complete, BMC reception occurs in the system event log First, make sure system with or without support IPMI

#rpm -aq | grep -I ipmi
# Ipmitool -I  Open <command>

The following is the IOL under instruction:

# Ipmitool  -I  <lanplus>  -H  <hostname> [-U  <username>] [-P  <password>] <command>

Basic reference: http://starbots.org/cgi-bin/man/man2html?ipmitool+1

# Ipmitool sel info : see some of the information
# Ipmitool sel List : get a List sel Records
# Ipmitool sel elist : get detial sel
# Ipmitool sel get time : Check BMC Clock
# Ipmitool sel time set : setting BMC Clock
# Ipmitool sel Clear : The information Clear

# Ipmitool mc info : BMC H / W related news
# Ipmitool mc RESET Cold : BMC RESET
# Ipmitool mc selftest :
# Ipmitool mc getenables : List all BMC allows options
# Ipmitool mc setenables :

# Ipmitool -I Open Event 1 : send a signal to the high temperature of System Event Log in
1 Temperature : Upper Critical going High
2 Voltage threshold : Lower Crirical going low
3 Memory : Correctable ECC error detected
# Ipmitool -I Open Event : test configurations IPMI the snmp function is successful

Change ipmi addr

# Ipmitool LAN set 1 ipaddr : the lan1 ip set to , execute this command when the Internet line is to remember to pull together
# Ipmitool LAN set 1 ipsrc dhcp : DHCP
# Ipmitool LAN Print : You can check ip has already been changed
# Ipmitool -I open lan set 1 snmp public setting channel 1 on snmp the community as a public 
# i pmitool -I Open Access on LAN set 1 Set channel 1 to allow access

# Ipmitool sel get time : Check BMC Time
# Ipmitool sel time set "mm / dd / yyyy hh: mm: ss"

# Ipmitool power status View the current power status
# Ipmitool power on boot
# Ipmitool power off shutdown, power off violence, so OS does not end normally
# Ipmitool power reset as press reset
# Ipmitool power cycle the system seems to be the first shutdown after passing second and then power on , so you do not always run the engine room
# Ipmitool power soft through ACPI let OS shutdown or restart or log off

# Ipmitool chassis status : system status information includes power, system status
# Ipmitool chassis identify : the host can be found in the engine room rack, LED will flash for 15 seconds
# Ipmitool chassis restart_cause : Check the reason the last system reboot
# Ipmitool -I open chassis policy list view power-related policies
# Ipmitool chassis poh :
# Ipmitool chassis selftest :

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