Kafka useful administration tool


This is a rack-aware tool for assigning Kafka partitions to brokers that minimizes data movement. It also includes the ability to inspect the current live brokers in the cluster and the current partition assignment.

Using this tool will greatly simplify operations like decommissioning a broker, adding a new broker, or replacing a broker.


./kafka-assignment-generator.sh [options...] arguments...
 --broker_hosts VAL                     : comma-separated list of broker
                                          hostnames (instead of broker IDs)
 --broker_hosts_to_remove VAL           : comma-separated list of broker
                                          hostnames to exclude (instead of
                                          broker IDs)
 --disable_rack_awareness               : set to true to ignore rack
 --integer_broker_ids VAL               : comma-separated list of Kafka broker
                                          IDs (integers)
 --topics VAL                           : comma-separated list of topics
 --zk_string VAL                        : ZK quorum as comma-separated
                                          host:port pairs

Kafka Tools

This repository is a collection of tools for working with Apache Kafka.
The Site Reliability team for Kafka at LinkedIn has built these over time in order to make managing Kafka a little bit easier. Our intention is to add to this repository as more tools are developed.
We welcome additions and modifications that make managing Kafka better for all!

$ kafka-assigner
usage: kafka-assigner [-h] -z ZOOKEEPER [-l] [-g] [-e] [-m MOVES]
                      [--sizer {ssh}] [-s] [-d DATADIR] [--skip-ple]
                      [--ple-size PLE_SIZE] [--ple-wait PLE_WAIT]
                      [--tools-path TOOLS_PATH]


Simplified command-line administration for Kafka brokers.

$ kafkat
kafkat 0.0.10: Simplified command-line administration for Kafka brokers
usage: kafkat [command] [options]

Here's a list of supported commands:

  brokers                                                             Print available brokers from Zookeeper.
  clean-indexes                                                       Delete untruncated Kafka log indexes from the filesystem.
  controller                                                          Print the current controller.
  elect-leaders [topic]                                               Begin election of the preferred leaders.
  partitions [topic]                                                  Print partitions by topic.
  partitions [topic] --under-replicated                               Print partitions by topic (only under-replicated).
  partitions [topic] --unavailable                                    Print partitions by topic (only unavailable).
  reassign [topic] [--brokers <ids>] [--replicas <n>]                 Begin reassignment of partitions.
  resign-rewrite <broker id>                                          Forcibly rewrite leaderships to exclude a broker.
  resign-rewrite <broker id> --force                                  Same as above but proceed if there are no available ISRs.
  set-replication-factor [topic] [--newrf <n>] [--brokers id[,id]]    Set the replication factor of
  shutdown <broker id>                                                Gracefully remove leaderships from a broker (requires JMX).
  topics                                                              Print all topics.
  drain <broker id> [--topic <t>] [--brokers <ids>]                   Reassign partitions from a specific broker to other brokers.

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